Two new hedgetrimmers from Kawasaki for the keen amateur and professional

Burgeoning. That’s the word. Hedges are doing that at the moment with really vigorous new growth and now’s the time to trim them back.

Hedges should be cut at least three times a year, and some will need more than that, so an investment in a good hedge trimmer is obviously essential.

Kawasaki HTK-60X hedgetrimmer
Professional: Kawasaki HTK-60X hedgetrimmer

So here are two machines from Kawasaki, a leading manufacturer of garden machinery which is often top of the list for people with large gardens and professionals as well.

The Kawasaki HTK-60X Petrol Hedgetrimmer has 55cm long blades which give a very clean cut and has a 22.5cc engine.

This engine has solid-state ignition to start very quickly and has been designed for a long life.

The rear handle twists through 180 degrees to make cutting hedge sides and tops more easy and it has a blade-brake as an added safety feature.

It is very well balanced and weighs just 5.8kg.

It costs £359, £20 less than the recommended price and has a five year domestic warranty, two years for professional use. Delivery is free the next working day.

The Kawasaki HTK-75X Petrol Hedgetrimmer is a similar machine but this one has 69cm double-sided blades.

The 22.5cc engine is an easy-starter designed for the long, demanding working life which professionals require.

The dual-reciprocating blades will give a clean cut even through thicker hedge growth and it can be used for long periods thanks to its advanced vibration-suppressing design and light weight.

It costs £399, £30 less than the recommended price and has a two-year commercial warranty, five years for domestic use. Next working day delivery is free.

See these pages on our site for an extensive list of hedgetrimmers and please ring us on 08454 588905 if you have any queries.



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