Top machine for cutting down heavy infestations of tall weeds

Many larger gardens have areas you’d rather visitors didn’t see – heavily infested with thick weeds and ignored.

The only way to cut these down used to be with a scythe and that, as anyone has tried using one will testify, is much harder than it looks and requires quite a degree of skill.

So here’s a neat little machine, the DR TR4 Premier Wheeled Trimmer-Mower – Recoil Start (DRMP60).

It is easy and light to use but very effective when it comes to cutting down thicker-stemmed weeds and the simplest model in a range of wheeled trimmer-mowers from this Canadian company.

DR TR4 premier wheeled trimmer mower
Mean machine: DR TR4 premier wheeled trimmer mower

A Briggs & Stratton 170 cc engine powers the front cutting head where thick strimming cord slashes through the thickest undergrowth.

The cutter head has been designed so vegetation will not wrap around it and you can adjust the working height from 1.5 in to 3.5 in.

This machine is very solidly built on a steel frame and it is off-set so that you can clear vegetation very close to walls and fences.

Large wheels mean you can use it on rougher terrain and a front bumper will give protection should you knock into any obstructions.

It weighs just 26 kg, has a cutter-head clutch and adjustable handlebars and can also be used as a conventional strimmer for keeping lawn edges tidy.

It costs £479 and has a two-year warranty. We deliver it the next working day for free.

And for professional use on large areas of the thickest weed the DR TR4 Self-Propelled Wheeled Trimmer Mower with an electric start (DRMP57) is aimed at professional gardeners who regulrarly have to clear larger areas.

The Briggs & Stratton engine gives terrific torque and it has a variable speed drive to make using it in uneven and hilly ground much simpler. As well as strimming cord you can purchase a steel blade.

This one costs £959 and has a two year warranty for home use. Again, delivery the following working day, is free of charge.

A video of these machines in action can be seen here.

For a full listof DR Trimmer Mowers see these pages on our site.







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