Lawn tractor brilliant at collecting wet clippings, and with a free trailer

At last. Most of the country has had a decent rainfall and it looks as if there is a bit more one the way.

So the Spring salads and vegetables will get a much-needed drink and the shrubberies will put on a spurt.

The lawns will do the same and will need more regular cutting, as much as twice a week where the growth is vigorous.

Problem is that if you have a larger lawn and need a ride-on or lawn tractor, collecting the clippings is difficult when they are wet – which let’s face it is quite frequent in our country.

So here is a neat little lawn tractor which has been designed to collect clippings efficiently, even when it’s wet.

Lawnflite 603 RT lawn tractor
Great collector: Lawnflite 603 RT lawn tractor

The Lawnflite 603 RT Lawn Tractor has been designed with a single blade ‘Direct Collect’ system.

This incorporates a high-lift blade and a turbo fan which literally ‘throws’ the clippings into the grass box.

It also has a large ejector chute which further prevents clumps of grass littering the lawn and spoiling its appearance.

The cutting width on this tractor is 76 cm, cutting heights and 30 mm to 95 mm and we think this one is suitable for lawns up to 4000 sq metres.

It has two bigger brothers, the 703 RT and 903 RT which are made to tackle bigger lawns.

As a special offer you receive a free lawn trailer worth £169 when you order this machine.

It costs £1499, which is £200 less than the recommended retail price and it has a two-year warranty.

We deliver it free within two to three working days.

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