Opening times over the festive period – and don’t forget our brilliant sale

Have you seen how much lighter it’s getting, some clever clogs will say. Well now the winter solstice has passed we have a minute’s more light each day for the next couple of weeks or so, which isn’t much but it’s a start.

For those of you looking to take advantage of our great New Year sale, we shall be processing orders through to Midday today, Monday 22 December.

We shall send them out at this time and they will be scheduled to reach you before Christmas Day, couriers willing.

But please bear in mind that some of our garden machinery, particularly the larger items, need long delivery periods. You can see these on the pages for individual items.

We’re back to work, stuffed with turkey and mince pies, on Monday 5 January but if you need to contact us about a delivery on Tuesday 23rd December please e-mail us at [email protected].

But please keep in touch with our web site during Christmas and New Year as you will find some great bargains.

Don’t forget you can order these at any time and we shall process them on 5th January.

So from all the gang at Mowdirect, have a very merry Christmas, a great New Year and enjoy your garden over the holiday period.

There will be a few lurking leaves in hidden corners, the compost heap can be turned and the veg plot forked over.

And if that doesn’t work off the excesses of the festive season, the nothing will.



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