New Year’s resolutions for gardeners

With 2014 nearing its end and 2015 just around the corner, you might now be thinking about what New Year's resolution you're going to try and keep from January onwards.

However, instead of the usual 'quit smoking', 'give up drinking' or 'go to the gym more' promises that you find yourself making year after year, why not try doing something that could positively affect your garden?

Here are some suggestions to consider.

Save more water

The average household spends a significant proportion of its water usage on the garden – why do you think we're subjected to hosepipe bans whenever we get a run of hot weather?

As a result, one useful resolution could be to become more eco with where you get your water from – investing in rain barrels could be a good place to start, while you could also look at introducing some drought tolerant plants – like rosemary and thyme, for example – to your outdoor area.

Start a compost area 

If you want to become a more eco-friendly home, introducing a compost area could not only help you towards achieving this aim, but it could benefit your garden.

Composted soil that includes items like your broken-down kitchen waste is rich in nutrients – perfect for when you're growing – while the area doesn't have to take a particularly large plot of ground. 

Grow more edibles

Isn't this every gardener's dream? While it's unlikely you'll be able to 'live off the land', you can certainly reduce your shopping bill for fruit and veg, while having fun in the process.

A major benefit of growing your own food is that you know exactly where it's come from and what's gone into it. It can also be a great way to get your kids involved in eating their greens!

So, before 2015 arrives, have a think at what you'd like to achieve in your garden over the next 12 months – it could be the best resolution you've ever made!

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