Time to get rid of the moss and dead grass on the lawns

Now is a good time to scarify the lawn to rid it of dead grass and moss before winter sets in.

And if you mulch the lawn instead of collecting the clippings in a grass box it is an essential autumn task as repeated mulching can form a thatch over the surface preventing nutrients and moisture getting to the plant roots.

So here are three machines, the first two ideal for domestic use and the third a machine often used by commercial gardeners.

Einhell BG-SC scarifier
Best seller: Einhell BG-SC scarifier

First comes the best-selling Einhell BG-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier a machine on special offer and over £100 less in price than any equivalent scarifier on the market at the moment.

German engineered it is suitable for lawns around 1000 sq metres in size with its 36 steel blades and 40 cm working width.

It has a 118 cc petrol engine and the motion of the scarifying blades propel it along.

There are six height settings and a 45 litre catcher though you will find it best to leave this off the first tie you scarify the lawn as it can fill with debris from the lawn in just a few yards.

Still on special offer, you can save over £200 on the recommended retail price as it costs only £279.95. It has a two year warranty from Einhell and we deliver it free the next working day.

The Al-Ko Comfort 38P Combi-Care Petrol Aerator / Scarifier is a two-in-one machine as it acts as both an aerator and scarifier.

Al-Ko 38p combi care petrol scarifier aerator
Versatility: Al-Ko 38p combi care petrol scarifier aerator

As a scarifier it has a scarifying cassette 38 cm wide and containing 24 sprung steel hooks to tease out the debris.

When fitted with the aeration cassette it has 24 steel blades to cut slits into the lawn which allow the nutrients and moisture to penetrate.

It is fitted with a 53 cc engine designed for a long working life and has a dial controlled depth adjustment which has five settings.

The collector can hold 55 litres and it designed with a smooth base to make cleaning easier.

It costs £359 and when you purchase it you receive a free 10 litre fuel can.

We deliver it free the next working day and there is a two year warranty from Al-Ko.

And the final one is made for those of you with larger gardens or for professional use.

Weibang pro lawn scarifier
One for the pro: Weibang-WB384RB-Pro-Lawn-Scarifier-700c


The Weibang WB384RB Pro Lawn Scarifier is powered along by a 158 cc Briggs & Stratton engine designed to be very easy to start.

There are 22 double-tipped steel blades with the working depth adjustable and a raking rotor which can be disengaged when you are crossing paths.

It has a steel chassis powder coated for a longer life and is fitted with a 40 litre collector.

It costs £599, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty.

Weibang also produced other scarifiers made with very large lawns and estates in mind.

For a full range of these garden machines both petrol and electrically powered, see these pages.



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