Mower of the week: robotic machine now on sale at a very special price

An increasingly popular way to mow the lawn is from the comfort of a deck chair.

With a robotic mower all the hard work is done for you and here’s one at a very special price from a leading Italian manufacturer.

Oleo-Mac Orion robot mower
Robots are coming: Oleo-Mac Orion robot mower

The Oleo-Mac Orion Fully Automated Robotic Lawn Mower which comes complete with docking station is suitable for lawns up to 1200 sq metres and is very simple to install.

Once the docking station was been established all you need do is run wires around the edge of the lawn – these are very quickly absorbed into the surface.

It has a 25.2 volt motor and can handle inclines up to 35 degrees with its special tyres which give excellent grip.

Two blades reduce the clippings to the size of tea leaves before returning them to the lawn where they rot away.

You can set the cutting height of the mower between 30 mm and 60 mm and it can even work in wet weather.

And you can also tell it at what hours you want it to work. And don’t worry about obstructions on the lawn – if they are under 7cm the machine will just drive over them and if bigger it will just drive around them.

The recommended price of tjhis machine is £1899 but we have for sale for £949.

It is delivered free the next working day and has a three year warranty from the manufacturer.

On these pages you will find a huge selection of mowers if you are looking for something more conventional.



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