Our lowest priced ride-on makes grass cutting a pleasure even on smaller lawns

Ride-ons and lawn tractors can be costly if you have a large area of grass to maintain but here is our cheapest ride-on which costs not much more than a top lawnmower.

The Mountfield 727M Ride-On Lawnmower is small enough to get through most garden gates and yet with a 66cm cutting width can easily handle medium sized to large lawns, say up to 2000 sq metres.

Mountfield, 727M ride-on mower
Easy to drive: Mountfield 727M ride-on mower

And it is simplicity itself to use and can save hours through the year walking up and down behind a conventional mower.

It is very manoeuvrable as well making it easy to drive round trees and garden ornaments.

The clippings are mulched where they rot down to form a valuable fertilizer and on the longer areas the grass is discharged to the side.

It has Mountfield’s own 196 cc engine with four forward and one reverse gears.

This ride-on is just £1099, £50 less than the recommended retail price and we deliver it free within two to three working days.

And it has a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

See these pages for a huge selection of ride-ons and lawn tractors and give us a ring if you want our advice before buying.

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