Machines built to tackle steep banks and ditches

Grassy banks and tricky slopes can be difficult if not impossible to keep in trim with a conventional mower, but this is where hover mowers really come into their own.

So here are three machines from the USA manufactured Toro range which should answer the problem.

These mowers float on a cushion of air and are light to use making it far easier to tackle this task.

Toro HoverPro hover mower
For banks and ditches: Toro HoverPro hover mower

First in this company’s range is the Toro HoverPro 400 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower with a 57 cc engine from Honda and a very light weight of only 12.5 kg.

It has an ABS polymer deck which will never rust and will bounce off hard objects rather than cause damage.

It has a nylon wire cutting system which the maker’s say gives the cutting performance offten associated with machine fitted with blades.

For longer grass you can buy a high-rise kit.

The costs of this mower is £399, £100 off the maker’s recommended retail price and it comes with a free bottle of oil.

We deliver it free the next working day with a two year warranty.

If you want a bigger machine the Toro HoverPro 500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower could be the one.

This one has a Honda 160 cc engine designed for excellent engine lubrication and for low oil and petrol consumption.

It also has automatic decompression to make it easier to start, and with a tough metal blade it will give an excellent cut and will mulch the grass cuttings as it works.

It costs £459, £100 less than the recommended price and has a two year warranty from Toro. We deliver it free the next working day.

An extension handlebar can be bought for longer banks.

And the top machine in the range is the Toro HoverPro 550 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower designed for landscape gardeners and tougher terrains.

Toro Hoverpro 550 lawn mower
Easy and light: Toro Hoverpro 550 hover lawn mower

This one has a 160 cc Honda engine and a 53 cm metal cutting bar to deal with heavier vegitation and has strong steel handlebars and an ABS deck to withstand the rigours of regular use.

It weighs only 19 kg so it can be used for longer periods.

There are three cutting heights from 10 mm to 30 mm and it is fitted with a deadman’s handle as a safety feature.

It costs £479, £100 off the maker’s recommended price and is delivered the next working day complete with a free bottle of oil.

There is a two year warranty from Toro.





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