Two spreaders to give you lawn a feed and kill the moss

Lawns are starting to shown their first flush of growth and to help them along they need a feed.

And you may well find that after the mild but very wet winter moss has started to make its presence known.

Plenty of fertilizers are available as well as moss killers but you will need a spreader to give an even covering and here are two little spreaders which are just the job.

So here are a a couple of little machines which will do a good job for you.

First is the one you want if you have a lawn tractor or ride-on. The The MD 176T Towed Broadcast Spreader can take 80 kg in its hopper which is corrosion and weather proof.

MD 176T towed broadcst spreader
To promote growth: MD 176T towed broad cast spreader

The material drops on to the spinning plate and has a variable spreading width between three and 3.6 metres. It is suitable for areas up to about 4000 sq metres and the spreader is mounted on a powder-coated steel frame to give a longer working life.

The volume to be spread is controlled by a single lever.

The spreader has a hitch-pin attachment which sill connect to most lawn and garden tractors.

It costs £129 and has a two year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

If it’s a push spreader you thinking of then the Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader – 85LB Push (45-0388) is a machine built to work over larger areas, up to 4300 sq metres.

Agri-Fab broadcast spreader
Easy spread: Agri-Fab broadcast spreader

It has a spread width of up to three metres and a hopper which can hold 38.7 kg.

Mounted on a steel axle with a tubular steel frame this is a spreader designed for a long working life.

It costs £85 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £109 and has a five year manufacturer’s warranty. We deliver it free the following working day.

Have a look at these pages for a large selection of garden spreaders.






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