Neat little powerhouse tiller which becomes a useful machine for a host of tasks

The tilling season is now in full swing, the time you venture back to the vegetable and realise just how much work there is to do if you’re to get a decent crop this year.

To prepare the soil you need a tiller or you may well end up with a strained back for weeks on end and this little machine is not only ideal for turning the soil but becomes a valuable garden tool with simply fitted attachments.

The 4-Stroke Tiller/Cultivator  with a Honda engine has a vfery now tilling width – just 23 cm – so you can use it in the flower beds as well to tease the weeds away from the perennials and shrubs.

Mantis 4-stroke cultivator
Honda engine: Mantis 4-stroke cultivator

It weighs just 11 kg but with its special tines can dig down to 25 cm through heavy soils and will leave a perfect tilth ready for sowing.

The 25 cc Honda engine really packs a punch for its size and is easy to start.

It costs £359.95, has a five year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

But this little tiller really scores when you add attachments. For instance, you can but a lawn edger for just £40 to give your lawn a real professional lookl, for nothing shows off a lawn like crisp lawn edges.

Or you can but a Planter/Furrower for £70 for digging long trenches when planting potatoes.

Both of these have five year warranties and are delivered free of charge the next working day.

See these pages for the full range of Mantis attachments and other tillers.

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