Warm weekend the perfect chance to get back in the garden?

Warm weekend the perfect chance to get back in the garden?
    Recent weeks have left all of us with green fingers restricted to the indoors, as we have sat and watched heavy rains and high winds batter our gardens.
But that all looks set to change this weekend, as finally the UK is predicted to bask in sunshine and enjoy clear skies for the first time in what feels like forever.
Experts at Meteogroup believe parts of the country could hit 18 degrees C over the weekend (March 8th and 9th), as the weather takes a welcome shift in the right direction.
Of course, perhaps the best news for all of us who care about our gardens is that this type of climate gives us a chance to get outdoors and carry out some vital work to our green spaces ahead of the spring.
Nick Prebble, a forecaster at Meteogroup, said: "Certainly for central and south-eastern parts of the UK, it looks like a dry weekend. The warmest day is looking like Sunday. It is looking like 18 degrees C should be obtainable on Sunday."
Rather excitingly, this would make the UK a warmer place to be over the weekend than parts of Greece and Turkey.
So why not pick up your trowel and dedicate this weekend to your garden? After all, it is likely to have suffered at the hands of the weather in the last couple of months, so take the time and effort to get it back in shape.
You could start by removing the weeds that are sure to have popped up over the winter months, while if it is dry enough you could even give your lawn its first trim of the year.
Some of your most popular garden flowers – such as daffodils – should have been planted some weeks ago, so you could also use the pleasant weather as chance to get outdoors and check on their progress.
There is so much to do and only a few weeks until your garden will be basking in a spring glow, so do not let any of our precious warmth and rain-free skies pass you by at this important time for gardeners.

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