New lightweight multi-tool the answer to the gardener’s prayer

Multi-tools are increasingly popular with gardeners as they are a great value-for-money method of buying much of the equipment you need for the year in one hit.

And here for 2014 is a brand new one which is amazingly light and simple to use.

Tondu TMT26-5 multi cutter
True versatility: Tondu TMT26-5 multi-cutter

The Tondu TMT26-5 5-in-1 Multi Cutter has a powerful 26 cc engine mounted on a shaft which takes a grass trimmer with a 38 cm cutting width and self feeding nylon line.

When you’re finished with the lawn edges you can fix the brushcutter, a three-toothed metal blade for hacking through the longer grasses and brambles.

Done the rough edges? Then fix the pruner, a 25.5 cm chainsaw head for lopping longer branches which can be easily attached and has an extension shaft for reaching taller trees.

Then there is the hedgetrimmer which has 12 positions to help you get the perfect finish. You can also use the extension shaft with the hedge trimmer.

The recommended selling price for this piece of equipment is £259 but our price is only £199 and we deliver it free the next working day.

There is a two year maker’s warranty.

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