Keep the lights burning with new generators from Loncin

There is an increasing demand for reliable generators, both for use in the winter when the mains supply fail and for outside use in the summer.

So here is a batch of new machines from one of the world’s biggest suppliers, Loncin.

Loncin LC2500-AS generator
Keep the lights burning: Loncin LC2500-AS generator

The Loncin LC2500-AS Generator will power lights, small fridge, microwave and small power tools.

The 196 cc engine has an output of 2 Kw and has two 16 amp sockets and an automatic voltage regulation system to keep a level power supply.

With an 18 litre fuel tank it will run for 15 hours and remember that many domestic appliances need two and a half to three times their stated wattage requirement on starting and then far lower once running.

It costs £289 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £419 and has a two year warranty.

We deliver it free the next working day.

The slightly bigger Loncin LC3000-AS Generator is a similar machine with an output of between 2.5 and 2.8 Kw and has an 18 litre fuel tank. Automated voltage regulation keeps the power running at a smooth level and ther engine is easily started with a smooth, recoil pull.

The 196 cc engine has a low oil level protection device and as with all generators they must not be used inside so have electricity cables ready in advance.

This has similar applications to the previous model and is easily stored when not in use.

It costs £299, £150 off the maker’s recommended retail price and we deliver it free the next working day. And there is a two year warranty.

The Loncin LC5000D-AS Generator is more powerful again delivering 4 Kw of power up to a maximum of 4.5 Kw.


Loncin LC5000-AS generator
Real power: Loncin LC5000-AS generator

This one will power homes with enough out put to keep the lights burning, fridges sand freezers and is powerful enough for power tools on building lights.

There is also enough power for much garden machinery like chain saws and hedgetrimmers and would prove very useful at a remote garden or allotment.

Voltage out puts of 110, 220 230 and 240 arr accunted for and it has a 25 litre tank which will give ten hours power.

It can be started either by a recoil start or an electric start and is very low in vibration levels.

This one too has a device to protect the engine against damage should the oil level drop. And it runs very quietly, with less noise than a food blender or dishwasher according to the manufacturers.

Wheels and handles make it easy to move around – remember generators must never be used inside buildings.

To work out which generator is right for you, add up the wattage requirements and remember that old fridges and freezers need more power and some need more when starting up than they do in running.

This one costs £599 compared with Loncin’s recommended retail price of £909.99 and we deliver it free the next working day.

There is a two year warranty from the makers.

And the top of the range machine is the Loncin LC8000D-AS Petrol Powered Generator,  a machine powerful enough to run many households items and also larger items like heaters, hammer drills and circular saws – even cement mixers.

Loncin LC8000D-AS
Top performer: Loncin LC8000D-AS generator

This is the idea generator to provide back up power for small officers and will delivery eight hours of power on a 25 litre fuel tank.

This generator delivers 6 Kw of continuous power as it has an automatic voltage regulation system with a maximum output of 7.5 Kw and has both 110 volt and 230 volt outputs.

It has an electric start and three 32 amp sockets and is easily with handles and wheels supplied in kit form which can be simply fitted.

It costs £699, a substantial reduction on Loncin’s recommended price of £1019.99 and we deliver it free within two to three working days.

The same company also manufactures the Loncin LC2000i inverter generator and the LC2000i-S synchronising generator, both compact little machines which can be daisy changed to give extra power.

See these page for a larger selection of machines or give us a ring on 08454 58890508454 588905 is we can help further.

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