Free steel 10-litre jerry can with Hayter lawn mowers

Most lawnmowers are designed and manufactured abroad but one that is still made and designed in Britain is the Hayter.

The company has been manufacturing mowers for over 50 years and is based in Hertfordshire at Bishops Stortford.

They have a reputation for designing and manufacturing top quality mowers made to last for years and at the moment as well as the keenest prices we are offering a free jerry can with each mower.

The all steel 10-litre can with a locking pin cap means they can’t be opened accidentally and are leak proof.

To give you an idea of the Hayter range have a look at these three models.

The Hayter Harrier 41 Push Rear Roller Lawnmower (Code: 410) is the ideal little mower for the smaller lawn.

Hayter 41 Harrier push mower
British made: Hayter Harrier 41 push mower

With a Briggs & Stratton 190 cc engine it starts very easily and has cutting heights from a very low 13 mm up to 60 mm. The grass box holds 53 litres

The cutting width is 41 cm – 16 in – and it has a deadman’s handle as a safety feature.

The handlebars fold down so that it takes less room in the shed or garage.

This mower has a five year warranty from Hayter and deliver it free the next working day.

We inspect the mower before it is despatched and it comes with a litre of engine oil.

It costs £439, £110 less than the maker’s recommended retail price.

And don’t forget the jerry can worth £24.95.

One which is self-propelled and much easier to use because of that is the Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed (Code: 413).

Hayter Harrier autvodrive lawnmower
Self-propelled: Hayter Harrier 41 autodrive lawnmower

Again suitable for a smaller lawn it has a cutting width of 41 cm – 16 in – with the options and is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 190 cc engine.

Front fins smooth the grass before it is cut giving a more even finish and the mower has a cutter blade friction disc to protect the crank in case anything really solid is hit.

And it has a rear roller which makes it easier to mow close to the lawn edges and gives the traditional striped finish.

The mower has a variable speed drive so you can mow at the pace which suits you best.

This one costs £519 compared with the recommended price of £679, has a five year warranty, free jerry can and engine oil and we deliver it free the next working day.

And if you have a bigger lawn the Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed (Code: 490) may prove the answer.

Hayter Harrier 48 lawnmower
British favourite: Hayter Harrier 48 lawnmower

This has a 48 cm – 19 in – cutting width and has the Briggs & Stratton 190 cc engine easy-to-start engine.

Cutting heights are from 13 mm up to 60 mm and the deck is lined to help grass collection and keep noise to a minimum.

A robust aluminium chassis is designed to give this mower a long life and the 70 litre grass box means you can mow for longer.

This one costs £719, £170 less than the maker’s recommended retail price and again has a five year warranty.

The jerry can and engine oil are included as is the free next working day delivery.

If you have a browse through these pages you will see the whole range of Hayter mowers which we stock.



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