Top quality water pumps to keep the houses dry and the gardens irrigated

Water, water everywhere. And for many the last few days have been a horrendous start to the New Year with houses and cellars flooded and no certainty there is not more to come.

To help with the clear up Loncin has manufactured a range of water pumps which are easy for both the amateur and professional to use.

Loncin LC25ZB21 water pump
Pumping out: Loncin LC25ZB21 water pump

The Loncin LC25ZB21-1.2Q 1 Petrol Powered Water Pump will deal with 8000 litres an hour, quite capable of emptying a flooded cellar or swimming pool.

It is also ideal for work on farms and building sites and has a 97 cc engine which starts easily and is low on vibration levels. The total weight is 13 kg.

It gives a maximum lift of 21 metres and is light and has an aluminium impellor and a cast iron exit chamber.

The pump has ceramic sealing, is easily carried around via an integrated carrying handle and is mounted on a solid stand.

It costs £119, £50 off the maker’s recommended retail price, has a two year from Loncin and we deliver it free the next working day.

A mid-range pump from this company is the Loncin LC80ZB35-4.5 – a 3” Petrol Powered Water Pump, capable of dealing with 48,000 litres of water an hour.

Loncin LC80ZB35 water pump
Powerful: Loncin LC80ZB35 water pump

This makes it more than capable of emptying larger swimming pools and dealing with flooded areas or garden irrigation.

This one has a 163 cc engine and is really reliable and powerful and has a lift of 20 metres.

Again mounted in a sturdy frame, it costs £169, over £80 less than the maker’s recommended retail price.

There is a two year warranty and we deliver it free the next working day.

And the top of the range machine is the Loncin LC50ZB60-4.5Q – a 2” Petrol Powered High Lift Water Pump.

This one will take on major water pumping tasks

Loncin LC50ZB60 water pump
Real force: Loncin LC50ZB60-4.5Q water pump

with a 196 cc engine, easy to start and quiet in running with a two inch inlet and outlet pipe. The engine automatically cuts out if the oil level is low.

It has a maximum lift of around 60 metres and a maximum suction of six metres and can pump 30,000 litres an hour and has a double impellor.

The pump has a sturdy metal frame and ceramic seals.

It costs £249 compared with Loncin’s recommended retail price of £372 and we deliver it free the next working day. Plus there is a two year maker’s warranty.

See these pages for the full range of Loncin water pumps and give us a ring if you want any further advice. Our number is 08454 588905.




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