Easy to use generators to keep you going if there is a power cut

Remember last winter? Snow up to you boot tops, bitter weather and power cuts.

So this winter, it will pay to be prepared for the electricity failing by buying a generator.

Loncin manufactures a range of generators to get you out of a muddle should the power fail and here are three from that company to consider.

Loncin-LC3000-F-700cFirst is the Loncin LC3000-F Generator, powerful enough to keep the lights burning and essential equipment working.

The machine has a 196 cc four stroke engine which will produce a maximum of 2.3Kw of power and has a fuel tank which will hold 18 litres.

But remember that generators should only be used outside so make sure you have enough extension leads to get to the equipment you want to keep working.

It is easily started with a recoil pull and has automatic voltage regulation for an even supply of power.

It has safety bars to protect it and can be stored in a garage or cellar when not needed.

Delivered free the next working day, it has a two year warranty from Loncin.

It costs £299, a substantial saving on the maker’s recommended retail price of £439.

Loncib LC20001-S generator
Bags of power: LC20001-S inverter generator

This next one is a neat little machine, the Loncin LC2000i Inverter Generator. The inverter is a microprocessor which replaces the alternator and isolates the power output from the engine speed giving reliable power without spikes which can damage some sensitive household equipment.

It has a main output of 230 volts and a secondary output of 12 volts.

It will run for seven hours on a tank of fuel and the 79 cc engine adjusts the revs according to the power output required, a great fuel saving feature.

Loncin’s recommended retail price is £749, but we have it for sale for £499. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

And the third we are highlighting from this company’s range is the Loncin LC8000D-F Petrol Powered Generator

This has three 32 amp sockets and can produce a maximum power output of 7.5 Kw.

The LC8000D-F Generator delivers eight hours of continuous power with the large fuel tank capacity of 25 litres.

Loncin LC8000F generator
Keep the lights on: Loncin LC8000F generator

This generator has a 420 cc engine and an automatic voltage regulator and is started with an electric start – there is a recoil cord as a back-up.

It is very quiet when running and can be easily moved around thanks to a handle and large wheels.

It costs £599, a massive reduction on Loncin’s recommended retail price of £991.

Delivery is free within two to three working days and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

See these pages for the full range of Loncin generators.

Remember that it is useful to know the total wattage of the equipment you want to run and that some electrical equipment will need extra power when it first starts up.





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