Three great ideas to win the battle against the winter weather

With the weather getting colder frost will make paths and drives potentially dangerous.

So here’s a neat little spreader to distribute salt and ice spread and keep them safe. And don’t forget you can use machines like this in the spring to spread fertilizers and lawn treatments.

MD 176T towed broadcst spreader
Snow and ice free: MD 176T towed broadcast spreader

The MD 176T Towed Broadcast Spreader is an efficient and value for money spreader which throws out the material as it falls on to a spinning plate under the body of the machine.

You can adjust the spread width from three to 3.6 metres via a lever so it can cover quite a large area when towed behind and ride-on or lawn tractor. It is recommended for areas up to around 4000 sq metres.

It has a sound steel frame and aluminium gears with the hopper holding around 80 kg.

It has a hitch pin connection so it can be towed by virtually any ride-on or lawn tractor.

It costs £139.95, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

Now a machine easily pushed along with a great spreading width.

Turfmaster SB 6000SS salt spreader
Easy to use: Turfmaster SB 6000SS salt spreader

The Turfmaster SB6000SS Broadcast-Spreader has a handy salt deflector which will restrict the spread to 56 cm to restrict waste and has a maximum spreading width of 3.5 metres which is easily adjusted.

The corrosion resistant hopper can hold 60 kg and has a cover in case it rains and it has a screen to limit blockages.

It costs £299 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £299. There is a one year maker’s warranty and free next working day delivery.

And finally an easy way of ordering all you want to battle winter ice and snow.

Winter Snow and Ice Treatment Package
Ready for winter: Winter Snow and Ice Treatment Package

This package is headed by an MD 80P walk-behind spreader and comes as well with 10 bags of LNT Magic Ice Melt.

This material is very easy to spread and far more effective than conventional grit and salt and is less likely to clog the spreader.

The spreader has an 80 lb capacity hopper and the flow rate is easily adjusted up to three metres.

And it has a spreading width of three metres so it can clear large areas very quickly making it ideal for playgrounds, warehouse and garage forecourts and the like, not to mention household drives.

The Magic Ice Melt is very safe to use and will not harm plants or corrode metal or concrete – an ideal mater for clearing car parks.

And when you buy this package you get absolutely free a Garant large snow shovel.

Whe  you buy this package you can also obtain extra spreaders Magic Ice Melt and snow shovels at very special prices.

The package costs £299, a saving of £65. It is delivered free within two to three working days.

Don’t forget we also have a large selection of snow blowers on our site for clearing larger areas.



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