Two great leaf sweepers to deal with the autumn fall

With recent frost and higher winds, the leaf fall is now in top gear creating the usual headache for gardeners.

But leaf clearing is much easier that it was with a tined rake or stiff broom and here are two of our own great little devices.

MD Sweep 26 leaf sweeper
Great machine: MD Sweep 26 leaf sweeper

First is the MD Sweep 26 Lawn & Leaf Sweeper, a really versatile machine which you can buy now at a great price as it is on special offer.

This is a hand-propelled machine with revolving brushes which can be adjusted so it can clear both gravel and hard drives as well as the lawn.

It is also ideal for whizzing round barns and patios – all in all a great time-saving garden machine.

Solidly built with a steel frame and strong brushes it has a 66 cm sweeping width. As you walk along the revolving brushes sweep leaves and debris into the collector.

This is easily removed and lifted out between the handlebars when full and dumped on to the compost pile.

The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is £179.95 but we have it for £89.95.

And remember, that price includes free UK mainland delivery and a two year warranty from the makers.

MD Sweep 38
For larger lawns and gardens: MD Sweep 38

So, you ask, what if I have a larger lawn and own a ride-on.

Well, despair not, the MD Sweep 38 Tow-behind Lawn & Leaf Sweeper, currently at a special introductory price, is the machine for you.

This too can be used either on lawns or gravel or tarmac drives or barns and forecourts.

As you can see from the photograph it is fitted with a pin hitch making it suitable for almost any lawn tractor or ride-on.

This has a working width of 96.5 cm making it suitable for really large properties, say up to 4000 sq metres.

Large brushes can deal with leaves, pine needles and even dry grass clippings and sweep them into the 340 litre container which can be emptied from the driver’s seat.

This too has a device for adjusting the working height depending on the surface being cleared.

Again delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year warranty from the makers.

It cost £169 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended retail price of £339.95.

There is a wide selection of leaf clearing equipment on our site including hand-help leaf blowers, back pack leaf blowers or wheeled vacs.

And remember you can give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you’re not sure what you want.



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