Three sweepers at special prices to make leaf clearing a piece of cake

Leaves have started fluttering down and while they might look pretty and inspire artists and poets they spell hard work for the gardener.
Raking gravel drives and wet lawns with a tined rake to clear them away is not a lot of fun and modern leaf clearing equipment can make the job much simpler.
For larger areas like drives and lawns, paths and patios, leaf sweepers are the answers, better than blowers and vacs as they collect the leaves in one pass.
We have three of our own sweepers designed for all types of challenges.

MD Sweep 26
Keep it clean: MD Sweep 26

The simplest little leaf sweeping machine is he MD Sweep 26 Lawn & Leaf Sweeper, currently on special offer.
This is a virtually silent way of collecting leaves and requires little effort.
As you push the sweeper along revolving brushes sweep the leaves and other debris into a large collector.
The height at which it sweeps is adjusted by a single knob on the front and the brushes are strong enough to deal with pine cones, acorns, twigs and other autumn debris as well as leaves.
It is also very useful for cleaning down barns and tennis courts.
The working width is 66 cm and when the collector is full it is simply released and passed through the handles for taking to the compost heap.
It costs just £89.95 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £179.95.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.
If you have a larger property and own a lawn tractor the MD Sweep 38 Tow-behind Lawn & Leaf Sweeper is the one for you.

MD Sweep 38
For larger lawns and gardens: MD Sweep 38

It is attached by a pin hitch and has a working width of 96.5 cm.
Revolving 25 cm brushes can deal with all manner of rubbish as well as leaves and can be used on hard surfaces like drives as well as lawns. It is suitable for properties up to around 4000 sq metres.
The container can hold 340 litres and is very simply emptied – you don’t even have to leave the driving seat – by pulling a lever. And the sweeping height adjustment is also made using a single lever.
It is delivered free the next working day and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
The recommended retail price is £339.95 but we have it for sale for only £169.

MD 48T leaf sweeper
Larger properties: MD 48T tow-behind leaf sweeper

Now if you have a larger property this is the machine for you.
The MD Sweep 48 Tow-behind Leaf Sweeper is suitable for properties up to around 8000 sq metres and has a working width of 122 cm and brushes 25 cm in diameter.
This is the perfect machine for larger lawns and substantial patios and drives and can cope not only with leaves but with all manner of other debris.
It can hold 500 litres of debris and can be emptied from the seat of the lawn tractor and is attached with a pint hitch.
The hopper is emptied without leaving the driving seat and the working height can be adjusted with a single lever.
This one costs £199 – the manufacturer’s recommended retail price is £399.95. It has a two year maker’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
We have a large selection of leaf sweepers – see these pages for the full list.

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