‘TomTato’ being developed for UK market

In news that had each member of staff here at MowDIRECT nearly certain it was April Fool's Day, a plant that combines the roots of a potato and the fruit of a tomato is being developed in the UK.

Yes, you heard us right! The TomTato has roots that produce fully sized jacket potatoes and its leaves will bear sweet tomatoes.

Ipswich-based firm Thompson and Morgan has claimed the plants are completely natural and do not break any EU regulations in regards to genetic modification in the human food chain.

While there is a tonne of science and wizardry that we can't quite understand behind this breakthrough, here at MowDIRECT we can't wait to halve the amount of space needed on our veg patches for these two stalwart ingredients.

Tomato and potato soup anyone? I'll just pop to the TomTato patch!

Seeds will be made available to the public later this year.

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