Buckingham Palace prepares for football match

Buckingham Palace prepares for football match
    In what might be every gardener's worst nightmare, the Queen's back garden at Buckingham Palace in central London will be turned into a football pitch for one day only.

Grounds at the landmark have been prepared for a one-off match between England's two oldest amateur clubs.

The exhibition has been arranged to mark the Football Association's 150th anniversary and the fact that Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, is the organisation's chairman will have made the whole affair substantially easier to organise.

Lawns have already been reseeded and mowed in preparation for the game, following a few weeks of wear and tear after a number of garden parties at the royal residence took their toll.

But are the Civil Service Football Club and Polytechnic Football Clubs – both based in west London – ready to play in such a high profile game? We certainly hope so, as they won't want to have to ask for their ball back if an errant strike breaks a bedroom window!

Naturally, there are a huge number of challenges that have to be faced in preparing a normal garden for a football match, so the Duke of Cambridge drafted in Wembley Stadium pitch manager Tony Stones to get the surface ready.

Commenting on the grounds, Mr Stones revealed: "We're quite busy back at the stadium so we're getting it all marked out so when we come on the day we can just mark it out again.

"We treat every game the same so everything gets 100 per cent care, whether it's a company day, a game at Buckingham Palace or the Champions League final."

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