Greenfingered Swindonians receive awards

Greenfingered Swindonians receive awards
    Gardening enthusiasts around Swindon have received awards for their fantastic plants, shrubs and … sunflowers!

Swindon Council's Bloomin' Marvellous Garden Competition was organised by the authority's housing team and is part of an attempt to encourage residents in certain areas of the town to get more involved in nature.

There were five categories in this year's edition, with the best house gardens, patios, balconies, hanging baskets and sunflowers all recognised by judges from the council, according to This Is Wiltshire.

This year's youngest winner is Dontae Collins-Hart, a six year-old primary school pupil, who was so keen to get his hands on a place at the top of the podium that he grew nine sunflowers in a row – one of which is now six feet tall.

Little Dontae was given a £25 Argos voucher for his troubles and now plans to buy some more Lego to add to his already extensive collection.

The youngster's mum, Sarah Collins, is also an enthusiastic gardener and said she was over the moon about the six-year-old's achievements – especially after he entered in previous years and didn't win.

"I'm happy for him. He always loved being out in the garden and we grow potatoes and carrots and he loves growing things from seed," she told This Is Wiltshire.

Victor Enticott was also given an award for his hanging baskets. The 82-year-old was a first-time entrant and was surprised when he beat out the competition.

"It's the first time I have taken part in it and I'm very very pleased," the pensioner added.

Mr Enticott was also praised for his community spirit, after he brightened up a path with new lighting and tended to a disabled neighbour's garden.

All adult winners, including Kate Windslow, who won the best house garden award and Sylvia Obey – with the most beautiful balcony and patio on display – received vouchers for a local garden centre.

But remember – it's still important to take care of your lawns! 

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