Three top log splitters from Mitox to help prepare for winter

The sun is still shining and the kids are still on their hols but it won’t be that long before we fire up the wood burner as the weather closes in.
Now’s the time to tackle the pile of logs and branches that have been left through the summer and the sooner they are split the moor they will dry to give better heat when on the fire.
Mitox manufacturers a wide range of splitters and here are just three from the list all simple and safe to use.
First is the Mitox LS55 Electric Log-Splitter a great value for money machine made for lighter domestic use yet powerful enough to do the job.
This splitter has Mitox Quicksplit return which lessens the distance the ram travels shortening the time taken to split a pile of logs.
This has a 2200 Watt motor which gives splitting force of 5.5 tons, enough to deal with most twisted, close-grained wood up to 52 cm long.
It has a handle making it easier to move around closer to the wood pile and it has five metres of power cable.
It costs £239 and is delivered free the next working day. There is a two year warranty from Mitox.

Mitox LS550 Log Splitter
Mitox LS550 log splitter
A more powerful machine from the same company is the LS550 Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter.
This one has a four-way splitting wedge to speed up the operation on larger pieces of wood and saves splitting one log more than once.
This one has a 3000 Watt motor to give a splitting force of 5.5 tons and can take on twisted wood easily.
Wood up to 105 cm can be handled and there is a five metre power cable supplied.
This one costs £469 and us delivered free the next working day. Plus there is a two year warranty from the manufacturers.
The Mitox LS700BS Multisplit Petrol Log-Splitter is made for people with large amounts of wood to split and has a 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine at its heart.
Having a petrol engine makes it far easier to work in more remote locations and this model has a quick splitting action and a four-way splitting wedge to make for faster work.
This machine costs £849 and is delivered free within two to three working days. It has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

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