Urban gardening festival attracts big name

Urban gardening festival attracts big name
    Gardening in the city might not always be the easiest of feats, but one big supporter was up for the challenge.

Rachel de Thame will be going up north to join the judges of Dig the City this summer.

From August 3rd – 11th, officials hope to transform Manchester city centre with a beautiful display of show gardens and street art to raise awareness in the area.

Rachel has designed many gardens, presented Countryfile and was part of the original line-up on Gardener's World in 1999. With such a list of achievements, there are few bigger names in the industry.

The star was excited to become a part of the scheme and said: "So many of us are busy urbanites but keen to own and develop what little space of green we have. It’s good for the environment and great for our sense of well being."

She encourages people to get involved with great activities, saying it's easy to do your bit.

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