Three hard-working brushcutters from Tanaka to trim down the roughest areas

Rougher areas of the garden can be difficult to keep under control with brambles and thicker stubborn weeds always difficult to clear.
A normal garden strimmer is all well and good for lawn and path edges but a serious brushcutter is needed to deal with the heavy stuff.
Tanaka manufacturers some of the toughest brushcutters available and here are three top machines which are increasingly the choice of professional gardeners.

Tanaka TBC 230S brush cutter
Top strimmer: Tanaka TBC 230S brush cutter
If you do need a simple but hard-working strimmer, this one is currently on special offer, and it is the Tanaka TBC-240S Line Trimmer.
Weighing just 4.4 kg and with a 24 cc engine this machine has a long warranty from the makers and has a loop handle making it easier to work in tight spaces and comes with a shoulder harness.
It is supplied with a strimming head but a a blade can be bought for an extra £15.
This one costs £239 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £289.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a five year guarantee.
When you buy this machine you can buy a hedge trimmer attachment and a pruner for special prices as well as spare line and a safety helmet complete with ear muffs and visor.
Tanaka TBC 230D brushcutter
Tough stuff: Tanaka TBC 230D brushcutter
Another from the same company on special offer is the Tanaka TBC-230D with cowhorn handles preferred when trimming larger areas as they are simpler and less tiring to use when combined with a harness.
Again light in weight the solid shaft gives combined with heavy duty transmission delivers bags of torque and extra damping makes it more comfortable to use.
It comes with a strimming head and cutting blade and costs £295 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £339.
Again there is a five year warranty from Tanaka and delivery is free. There are special prices on replacement strimming line and a safety helmet with visor and ear muffs.
Tanaka TBC340D brushcutter
Serious stuff: Tanaka TBC340D brushcutter
And for a seriously powerful machine the Tanaka TBC 340D brushcutter is very hard to beat. Weighing just 5.7 kg it has a metal blade as well as a strimming head and has been designed to take on heavy undergrowth like brambles and thorn.
A cowhorn handlebar makes control easy and the 1.8 hp engine gives great cutting power and it has vibration damping to make use over longer periods more comfortable.
This machine costs £399 and has a five year warranty with free next day delivery.

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