Keep mowing and pruning in early summer

Keep mowing and pruning in early summer
    There are so many activities for the keen gardener to be getting on with in the early summer. 

While other people may be taking advantage of the warmer weather to kick back under a parasol, green-fingered enthusiasts and gardening professionals alike will undoubtedly be ready to really get to grips with the garden tools

There is always plenty to do in the garden, but the time of year usually dictates what manner of task becomes a priority. 

The first few months of the summer are generally accepted as being the best time to return to a regular mowing routine. 

Author of Gardening in Your Pyjamas and Thorny Problems Helen Yemm noted that it can be a particularly good idea to ensure that the edges of a lawn are as tidy as possible. 

In an article for the Guardian, she explained that it can make a very positive impact overall, as it can give an overall impression of tidiness. 

Here at MowDIRECT, we have a range of lawn mowers that is simply unrivalled – the largest in the UK – so there is bound to be something perfectly suited to your needs. 

The MD 46SP Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is a great example of a mid-range product in the push mower category. 

It boasts a quality steel cutter deck, which gives it extra strength and durability in the long term – and we stock it for £179.95, which is a considerable saving on the RRP of £199.95.

Ms Yemm also underlined the importance of keeping plants trim by pruning wherever necessary. 

"Flowering shoots should be cut out," she commented,adding: "Inspect bamboo clumps and cut out older stems not making new leaves." 

For those who have larger plants they wish to keep trim, why not have a look at our extensive range of tree pruners

With their long telescopic shafts, these make it possible to cut back branches and other growths from the relative comfort and security of the ground.

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