Large butterfly experience created at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Large butterfly experience created at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
    Many special features will be on display at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, which is being hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and is due to run from July 9th to 14th. 

However, arguably one of the most exciting inclusions is the largest butterfly rainforest experience in the UK, which is being made possible thanks to a collaboration with the Eden Project. 

Entitled the RHS Butterfly Dome with Eden, it recreates the world-famous Rainforest Biome in a 25 m diameter, nine m high dome. 

"Bringing the UK's largest butterfly rainforest experience to RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is an extremely exciting and challenging project, which will create a truly tropical spectacle for visitors at this year's show," said manager of RHS Hampton Mandy Almond. 

"The Dome will give visitors the chance to see the life-cycle of this remarkable insect and marvel at the astounding variety of shapes and colours they display," she continued. 

It will also allow visitors the chance to be plunged into an unusually exotic green space, which will feature a very diverse selection of plants, including the likes of tropical palms, trees, climbers and orchids.

While an individual gardener is unlikely to be able to host something quite so extravagant as this, it is still possible to bring some more unusual plants to your own green space. 

All that is required is a little bit of careful preparation – and flowers like orchids will require soil that has been very carefully prepared. 

Cultivators and tillers are the ideal tools to see to this task – and here at MowDIRECT, we boast a particularly extensive range of these machines. 

Indeed, it is the largest on offer in the UK at the present time – so click here to have a browse and find the ideal product for your needs. 

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