Time for a Spring clean on patios and paths

Large patios and other areas like tennis courts can get scruffy and need regular sweeping and if the whole garden is not to look unkempt.
And regular brushing is both time consuming and tiring.

MD Sweep 26
Keep it clean: MD Sweep 26
The answer is the MD 26 Sweep, a simple little machine which can brush large areas efficiently and quickly and really comes into its own in the autumn when the leaves start falling.
It can easily deal with all the odd twigs, stray pine cones and the like and has 25 cm brushes which revolve as you push it along.
With a width of 26 cm it can quickly deal sweep clean large areas like barns and bigger garages and has a 200 litre collector which is easily removed between the handles.
The sweeping height can also be adjusted.
This costs £89.95 and is delivered the next working day free of charge. There is a two year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

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