Three great lawn tractors with real power for year-round use

If you’re buying a lawn tractor at the moment your first thoughts are probably to cut the lawn and keep the wilder areas under control.
But a powerful lawn tractor is a year round gardener’s best mate as it can tow endless attachments used in the autumn and winter as well.
A sturdy lawn tractor can make light work of these other tasks as well, and Oleo-Mac, a top Italian manufacturer and a brand exclusive to Mowdirect in the UK, have three top year heavy duty machines suitable for larger gardens and small estates.

Oleo-Mac 106j-15 h lawn tractor
Top engineering: Oleo-Mac 106j-15 h lawn tractor
The Oleo-Mac 106J/15.5H Heavy-Duty Lawn & Garden Tractor has a 500 cc commercial Briggs & Stratton engine under the bonnet with built-in anti-vibration system which prolongs its life and makes it more comfortable to drive.
The tractor’s hydrostatic drive works much the same as an automatic car – the further you put your foot down the faster it goes and it also gives lets the driver have better control.
A tight 85 cm turning circle is an added feature and with a cast iron front axle and steel chassis it is built to withstand heavy use. And in case you to have the odd nudge against a tree or gate post there is a front bumper.
The contra-rotating cutting blades can be turned off and on with a switch and give a better finish to the lawn.
Discharge is at the back and into a 300 litre grass box and it also has anti-scalp wheels to protect the lawn.
A;; this plus headlights to keep you at it when it’s murky.
At the moment this has a full £1000 off the maker’s recommended price as it is just £2399.
There is a three year manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery within three to five working days.
Oleo-Mac 106s 16H lawn tractor
Heavy duty: Oleo-Mac 106s 16H lawn tractor
Second in this range of Oleo-Mac machines is the Oleo-Mac 106S/16H Heavy-duty Lawn & Garden Tractor with a twin-cylinder Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine for extra power and low noise and vibration levels.
Built for reliability and a long life this too has a front bumper to guard against wandering trees and fences and a cast iron front axle and steel chassis.
The cutting deck has seven cutting heights from 30 to 90 mm adjusted by a single lever and the tractor has a turning circle of just 85 cm.
The 300 litres grass box at the back can be emptied from the driving seat and the tractor has been designed with a large ejection chute so that it can handle damp grass.
The maker’s recommended retail price is £4099 but we have it for sale for £2899.
Plus there is a three year warranty from the manufacturers and free delivery within three to five working days.
Oleo-Mac 123s 22h lawn tractor
Tough worker: Oleo-Mac 123s 22h lawn tractor
And top of the range is the Oleo-Mac 124S/22H Heavy-Duty Lawn & Garden Tractor, machine for the owner of large gardens or estate or the landscape gardener.
This has a 656 cc twin cylinder engine with cast iron cylinder lining for a longer life and is built to handle intensive use throughout the year.
This one has a 360 litre grass box which can be emptied while still at the driving seat and is designed to be really comfortable and easy to drive with a luxury with lumbar support and well laid-out controls.
It has a cutting width of 122 cm and cutting heights from 30 to 90 mm. And anti-scalp tyres stop you making a mess of the lawn when turning.
Our price on this high-spec machine is £3599, and that’s £1400 off Oleo-Mac’s recommended retail price.
Delivery is free within three to five working days and there is a three year warranty from the Italian manufacturers.
See our complete lists of ride-ons and lawn tractors on these special pages and give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you need any further help.

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