Blossoms ‘are a highlight of spring’

Spring is a very busy time for gardeners.

With the weather starting to get a little more consistent, now the ideal time to return to a regular lawn mowing routine. 

The emergence of blooms is also one of the most pleasurable aspects of the pastime in the warmer spring months, when summer is just around the corner. 

Professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson said there is never a better time to enjoy the change of a season. 

Writing in an article for the Guardian, he singled out peach, pear, plum and apple blossoms as particularly good examples of attractive growths that start to show their full colour. 

He said that when he first saw them this year, "their perfect blooms felt like a miracle and the perfume filled the still, just-warm air provided by the glass".

The team at Avon Bulbs, who exhibited some of their growths at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show, noted that the extra sunshine in May gave plants like tulips a welcome boost. 

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