Rugged trimmer designed for the really rough undergrowth

A rugged strimmer is vital if you have really heavy scrub to cut down and this little machine is capable of tackling thick infestations of nettles and other scrub.
The MD22P Wheeled Trimmer Mower has a 160 cc 4-stroke petrol engine which drives a strimming head at the front with very heavy duty strimming line.

MD 22P wheeled trimmer mower
Real beast: MD 22P wheeled trimmer mower
The snub nose front makes it easy to push into the undergrowth to be cut down and because of its design is easy to move around on difficult areas like, ditches, sloping ground and verges and is very useful in areas like spinneys and copses.
Strong twin nylon lines make it suitable for working in rougher areas where stones, discarded cans and like may lurk and let you work right up to the edge of walls and fences.
The cutting height can be adjusted from 35 to 70 mm and the engine has a deadman’s handle as a useful safety device.
Folding handles mean it is easy to store and transport.
This machine is exclusive to us at Mowdirect and costs just £299. You can but 12 sets of replacement strimming line for £12.95.
It has a two year manufacturer’s warranty and is delivered free the next working day and if you want a slightly less aggressive machine see these web pages for other options.

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