Soil ‘still needs care in spring’

There are many considerations for gardeners to take into account going into spring – and some tasks remain important throughout all times of the year. 

One great example of this is soil care, as this always needs to be kept in top health and protected from the excesses of climate conditions. 

Failing to do so could cause many plants to die and may even bring about difficulties replanting, depending on the severity of any weather damage. 

Professional gardeners and green-fingered enthusiasts alike would all do well to consider investing in a cultivator or tiller for this purpose. 

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The MD Micro Tiller is a very versatile machine that combines lightweight design with effortless controls, which makes it very easy to manoeuvre and operate. 

It is ideally suited to both tilling between rows and turning over vegetable patches in preparation for sowing. 

Former presenter of the Gardeners World television show and garden writer Alys Fowler underlined the importance of protecting soil and keeping plants warm. 

In an article for the Guardian, she explained that this task can advance cropping times by keeping plants warm. 

Furthermore, it can also protect more tender plants from harsh winds and keeps excessive wet at bay – meaning soil maintenance is not just a winter job. 

"Match this with good soil fertility and you can speed up growth and persuade heat-loving vegetables that it's not so bad outside," the expert remarked, adding: "We may have terrible light levels from dull days, but many crops will soldier on if kept warm." 

"It's no good trapping plants under the covers, though – slugs and weeds thrive in such conditions," Ms Fowler continued. 

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