Vegetable growing encouraged by RHS

Vegetable growing encouraged by RHS
    The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is urging Brits to pick up their garden tools and get to work growing fruit and vegetables.

This comes in response to comments from minister for agriculture David Heath, who argued there is an urgent need for the UK to become more self-sufficient and teach children the importance of knowing the origins of food.

Head of regional development at the NHS Andrea Van Sittart agreed with this sentiment and asserted that the best way to take action on the matter is to start encouraging growing at the grassroots level.

She noted that her organisation already supports more than 3,300 Britain in Bloom groups that grow food for local communities.

Individuals participating in these projects are also holding sessions encouraging other members of the public to get involved.

"It's also important that children learn from a young age about where their food comes from," Ms Sittart commented, adding: "A crucial part of this is giving children the chance to grow their own food." 

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