Three lawn tractors from a top manufacturer

With Spring threatening to arrive any day activity in the garden has stepped up a gear and a good lawn and garden tractor is worth its weight in gold.
Toro is a company which manufacturers really top machinery and they produce a variety of tractors to suit everyone with a larger lawn or small estate to manage.

Toro DH 140 lawn tractor
Special price: Toro DH 140 lawn tractor
The Toro DH140 Rear-Collect Garden Tractor has a 92 cm cutting width with twin contra-rotating blades which are designed to follow the slopes of the lawn and not scalp it.
Because of these twin blades this model is very good at cutting and collecting damp and wet grass in its 250 litre grass box. A bleep sounds when it is full,
But it will also mulch the clippings and return them to the lawn as a useful nutrient.
At its heart beats at 344 cc Briggs & Stratton engine with a key start and as another useful feature the deck is engaged electronically. The hydrostatic transmission means that it drives much like an automatic car.
The steel chassis and cast iron steel front axle gives it a very rugged feel.
A range of extras like tipping trailer, steel roller, spreader and leaf sweeper are available at special prices.
It costs £1999, £300 less than the maker’s recommended price.
There is a two year manufacturer’s warranty and delivery is free within five to seven working days.
Toro xls 420t lawn tractor
Versatile: Toro xls 420t lawn tractor
Another rugged machine in the same range is the Toro XLS-420T Recycler Lawn Tractor made with small estates and large gardens in mind.
This one has a 603 cc Kawasaki engine, twin cylinders made to use little fuel, quiet in running and fewer emissions.
A 107 cm double bladed mower deck is free floating to eliminate scalping the lawn and the clippings are mulched. But if you have a larger area of longer grass to keep in order the side discharge facility will prove to be what you want.
There is a light-to-use clutch and light touch steering; plus a deluxe seat make it comfortable. The turning circle is a very tight 52 cm.
A range of extras are available and there is a power take off to increase its versatility.
Free delivery within five to seven working days and a two year manufacturer’s warranty are free with this machine.
It costs £2349, and that’s £250 less than the maker’s recommended retail price. Delivery is free within five to seven working days and there is a two years warranty from the manufacturers.
And finally from Toro a lawn tractor made for larger lawns and estates up to around 550 sq metres.
Toro DH210 rear collect garden tractor
Larger gardens: Toro DH210 rear collect garden tractor
Their DH210 Rear-Collect Garden Tractor with Recycle-On-Demand is the perfect machine if you have grounds with both a smooth lawn and rougher areas to keep under control.
A powerful 500 cc Briggs & Stratton engine gives bags if power and is really well designed for less vibration and a longer life.
Twin cutting blades give great grass collection in the 300 litres grass box and you can switch between grass collection and mulching simply by pushing a pedal.
The cutting width is 102 cm and cutting heights are from 30 to 98 mm. The deck is simply washed out by fitting a hose. It has a really tight turning circle of just 50 cm.
This one has £500 off the maker’s recommended price and is £2999. It comes with a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and is delivered free within five to seven working days.
Again there are several handy attachments at special prices including a steel tipping trailer, tow-behind leaf sweeper and a lawn roller.

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