New RHS Plant Finder launched

New RHS Plant Finder launched
    The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has announced the launch of the latest version of its Plant Finder guide.

More than 4,300 new plants have been introduced to the 27th version of the guidebook, which will be available from April 11th.

It brings the total listings up to 75,000 plants – and this is published alongside details of over 550 suppliers.

This will make it a very convenient source for gardeners looking to introduce new growths to their green space so they can get to work with the garden tools.

Editor-in-chief of the RHS Plant Finder 2013 Janet Cubey acknowledged that compiling this guide every single year is something of a mammoth task.

"However, the book is such a favourite with gardeners up and down the country and the reaction it gets is always so positive that it's well worth the effort," the expert commented, adding it is also a great way of getting ahead of the curb on gardening trends. 

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