Alex James: Gardening is very pleasurable work

Alex James: Gardening is very pleasurable work
    Alex James – former bassist for 1990s Britpop band Blur – has claimed he is rarely happier than when he is hard at work outdoors with his garden tools.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, he explained that pulling up leeks or tending to lettuces on a vegetable patch with the sun shining is a singular sensory pleasure.

Indeed, he went on to suggest that it is an experience that not even the greatest restaurants or finest wines even come close to matching.

He added that he never had a garden in his life until he moved into his current property, so clearly the experience has been something of a revelation for James.

"It's a creative, expressive process," he commented, adding: "In fact I find the process – dreaming, planning, building and planting – just as satisfying as the end result, which is fortunate, because gardens won't be rushed."

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