Perennials ‘need to be kept in check’

It is important that newly growing plants are maintained as carefully as possible – and this is particularly true at this time of year.

With winter firmly behind us, increasing numbers plants are starting to bloom and grow much more prolifically.

However, it is essential that nothing is allowed to overgrow, as this can lead to significant health problems for the plant, as well as potentially causing damage to a property.

For larger growths, a set of tree pruners could prove to be the ideal way to keep them in check.

This garden tool is not only useful for trees, as it can quickly become indispensable for the likes of wall climbers.

Regular pruning is often a necessity for such plants – and tree pruners take the work out of the task by allowing the gardener to complete the job from the relative comfort and security of the ground.

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Professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson noted that when it comes to overgrown perennials, it is very important to adopt an attitude of being cruel to be kind.

In an article for the Guardian, he acknowledged that spring is not quite fully upon us, but warned that it is very likely it will be by the end of the month.

The expert added that this is a glorious moment for green-fingered enthusiasts and gardening professionals alike, as the foundation of the garden can be laid bare – almost creating a blank canvas.

"Gently check for signs of growth at the base of the perennials if you are doubtful, or scrape a fingernail to remove a nick of bark with anything woody. Wood with potential life will nick green and is worth giving another month's grace," Mr Pearson commented. 

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