Ten top mowers to tackle Spring growth

Very gradually the temperatures are climbing and the lawns are showing their first new growth, and now is the time to replace the old faithful mower with a new one for the Spring.
So here are ten top mowers we have selected from our pages where literally hundreds are on sale. Make sure you know what category of mower you want – electric or petrol, cylinder or rotary – and please give us a ring if you want our advice.

Greenworks Push Cylinder Mower
Easy to use: Greenworks Push Cylinder Mower

So the first is as simple and neat little mower as you could wish for suitable for smaller lawns.
The Greenworks 46cm 5-Blade Push Cylinder Lawn Mower is the most basic little machine yet gives an excellent cut.
Simple and easy to push it has a cutting width of 46 cm and trims the lawn by a scissors effect as the revolving blades traps the grass on to a cutting blade.
It cuts right down to 15 mm and has a maximum cut 40 mm.
Large front wheels make it easy to use and a rear roller delivers that traditional striped finish.
Trimmed grass is thrown into the grass box at the back.
It costs £99.95 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £139.95. There is a three year manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery the next working day.

Al-Ko Comfort Electric Rotary Mower
Simple machine: Al-Ko Comfort Electric Rotary Mower

For a slightly larger lawn the Al-Ko Comfort 34E Electric Four-Wheel Lawn Mower fits the bill.
From a German manufacturer, this one has a 1200 Watt induction motor which is very quiet when working and it has 17 metres of cable with it.
The cutting width is 34 cm and there are six cutting heights from 25 to 75 mm. These can be changed by a single central lever.
The cutting deck is designed for maximum effectiveness to collect the trimmings in a 37 litre grass box.
This is a comfortable and easy machine to use under trees and overhanging shrubs and has a deadman’s handle and device to eliminate straining the cable as safety features.
This mower is £139.95, has next working day delivery completely free and a two year maker’s guarantee.

MD 40P petrol push lawn mower
Exclusive: MD 40P petrol push lawn mower

Now here’s one of our own and we doubt you’ll find a better small petrol machine anywhere.
The MD 40P Petrol Push Lawn Mower is light, easy to top start and use and an amazing value for money machine for the owner of a small to medium sized lawn.
It is robust and yet very light thanks to the polypropylene deck and therefor easy to push.
The engine is easy to start and cutting heights vary from 25 to 75 mm through five settings. The cutting width is 39 cm.
There is a deadman’s handle which cuts the engine when relrease and the handlebars fold down for easy storage.
It costs £129 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £179.95.
There is a two year maker’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
Now back to an electrically-powered machine and this one is from Italy and currently on special offer.
The Oleo-Mac G48-TE Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower

Oleo-Mac electric self-propelled lawn mower
Unique product: Oleo-Mac electric self-propelled lawn mower

is exclusive to MowDirect and has loads of features you normally only get on more expensive machines.
It has a steel deck for a longer life and greater strength and a 1800 Watt engine which can match the power of some petrol motors.
This one can tackle medium sized lawns, say about 900 sq metres, and can also deal with sloping ground and rougher areas.
Cutting heights are from 28 to 75 mm and the machine’s width is 46 cm.
The recommended price from Oleo-Mac is £326.81 but we have it on sale for just £259.
This one has a three year manufacturer’s warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

Greenworks Cordless Mower
No cables: Greenworks Cordless Mower

Now a mower powered by the latest Lithium-ION battery, light, easy to use and offering great value for money.
The Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower is great for a medium sized lawn and ash the great advantage that there is no trailing cable to worry about.
This one has a working width of 41 cm and is ideal for tackling a medium sized lawn, say up the size of a tennis court without needing re-charging.
Cutting heights are from 30 to 90 mm.
The mower will run for 40 minutes continuously and comes with a charger and the battery can re-charged at any time without needing wait for complete discharge.
This is for sale for £259 – the manufacturers have a recommended retail price of £399, and there is a really long four year maker’s warranty. Free delivery the next working day.
Buy this mower and there are special prices on a range of other garden equipment like chainsaws, leaf blowers and trimmers.

Mountfield SP536 lawn mower
Exclusive: Mountfield SP536 lawn mower

The Mountfield SP536 Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is a mower exclusive to us and from one of Britain’s favourite brands.
This is the machine for slightly larger lawns with a 51 cm cutting width and a 160 cc from Mountfield engineered to be quiet and easy to start.
There is bags of power so you can tackle undulations and rougher areas as well as smooth lawns and has a larger 60 litre grass box.
There are five cutting heights from 25 to 75 mm and the ball bearing wheels are designed for a longer life.
The deck is also powder coated to prolong the life of the machine.
Mountfield’s recommended price is £449 but we have it for sale for £299.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year maker’s warranty.
The finish we all want on our lawns is that wonderful parallel stripe, but you can only get this with a mower with a rear roller.
If that’s the finish you want then this one will do the trick. The Sanli LSPR48 Power-Driven Rear Roller Rotary Lawn Mower

Sanli rear roller mower
Earn your stripes: Sanli rear roller mower

gives a perfect finish to make you the envy of your neighbours and is currently on special offer.
It has Sanli’s own 163 cc engine which is quiet when running and uses little fuel.
The deck is of polymer to keep the weight down and is corrosion resistant and the machine will cut right down to 12 mm and up to 65 mm in seven steps.
The cutting width is 48 cm – a great machine for larger lawns. And the grass box takes 70 litres.
It costs £424.95, almost £75 less than the maker’s recommended price and there is a two year guarantee and free next working day delivery.
But this mower now and as a special gift you will receive a free 10 litre steel jerry can.
Now have a look at this one and you will instantly see that it oozes genuine British quality.
The Allett Classic 17L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower

Allett Classic Cylinder Mower
Traditional machine: Allett Classic Cylinder Mower

is made in the Midlands and comes from a company which makes mowers for playing fields not only around Britain but around the world.
This mower gives a classic cut right down to 6mm but will cope with longer grass as height options go up to 32 mm.
Additionally you can by a scarifying cassette as an extra fitting which is very easy to slot into place.
The four stroke 87 cc engine powers both the blades and moves the mower along with that traditional puttering sound emblematic of a balmy British evening.
The grass box holds 40 litres and the cutting width is 43.2 cm. And the traditional green and gold finish makes this a real stand-out machine in the best tradition. It costs £615, is delivered free the next working day and has a one year warranty.

Hayter Harrier Autodrive rear roller mower
British favourite: Hayter Harrier Autodrive rear roller mower

And another classic British mower, the Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed a machine made for large lawns
and an excellent finish.
It has a very wide cutting width of 56 cm and a rear roller gives the perfect finish everyone wants.
A Briggs & Stratton 206 cc engine packs plenty of punch and is designed for long-term reliability.
The chassis is aluminium and has a polymer lining under the deck to improve airflow and assist in grass collection.
Seven cutting heights vary from 13 to 60 mm and there is a really big 70 litre grass box.
This mower also has a cutter blade friction disc to absorb accidental impact and prevent serious engine damage.
The variable drive you can work at the exact speed to suit yourself and the conditions.
It costs £899, £200 less than the maker’s recommended retail price and has a five year maker’s warranty. Delivery: free the next working day.

Robomow Robot Mower
Into the future: Robomow Robot Mower

And finally, and looking to the future, a machine which does the whole job by itself.
The Robomow RL2000 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower mows all by itself so once set up you can watch the little machine mow the lawn while you relax in a chair with a drink.
It is remarkably easy to set up with a perimeter wire which is simply pegged down around the perimeters – there is no need to let it into the turf.
A base station needs to be connected by cable to a power supply – this is the machines home where it goes when it needs to recharge itself or when not working.
And you can set the machine to mow when you want, day or night.
An instruction manual and video give full instructions on installation and you can buy a remote control if you prefer.
The machine has a 53 cm cutting width and clippings are mulched and returned to the lawn.
Cutting heights are from 26 mm to 63 mm and easily adjusted and the mower comes with the full kit to get you started.
It costs £1899, has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and free delivery the next working day.
This is just a brief taster of the vast selection of machines we have so browse our site for more details or give us a call on 08454 588905 if you would like more help.

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