Three mini tillers to get the vegetable plot ready to sow

Just as the lawns are hinting at a bit of Spring growth so the vegetable plot is joining in – with weeds mostly.
And you can’t put off turning over the soil any longer if you want to make sure the Spring planting goes to plan.
So here are three tillers to ensure that you’re ahead of the pack and give your crops the best chance of flourishing.

MD Micro Tiller
Real value: MD Micro Tiller
First is the MD Micro Tiller, our own great little machine currently on special offer.
This will dig down to 20 cm and is neat enough to get round the shrubberies as well and the working width is 25 cm.
Having said that it is perfect for dealing with vegetable plots with its four revolving blades each with six tines.
The 42.7 cc engine is powerful enough to deal with most soil types and is easy to drive thanks to its chopper style handlebars.
Remember you can also use it for incorporating fertilizers into the soil as well.
It comes with transport wheels and costs just £149.95, £100 less than the maker’s recommended price.
There is a two year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
Ardisam Mini Tiller
Real power: Ardisam Mini Tiller
Second on our list is the Ardisam MC43R Petrol Mini-Tiller, a machine with an adjustable tilling width from six to 10 inches so you can alter the width to work between the rows of growing plants.
The engine is a 43 cc Viper started easily and delivering enough power to turn over even heavy soils.
For its power it is very light and has a carrying handle to help move it around and the working depth can be adjusted.
This tiller has extra kits so you can also use it as a dethatcher kit and an edger kit for the lawn.
It costs £249 and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty. Delivery is free the next working day.
Mantis 4-stroke cultivator
Honda power: Mantis 4-stroke cultivator
And the third is a neat little machine which has many attachments to turn it into a real garden workhorse.
The Mantis 4-Stroke Tiller/Cultivator has a Honda engine, is very light and small enough to be used around flower beds and vegetable plots where it is useful for weeding between the rows as it is just 23 cm wide.
This one has very effective tines to dig down as deep as 25 cm and cope with heavy soils and compacted weed roots.
Honda’s engine give loads of power and fires up really quickly.
There is a five year manufacturer’s guarantee on this tiller.
Delivery is free the next working day and it costs £359.95.
See our pages for a wide selection of garden tillers right up to heavy duty professional models.

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