Five top powerful tractor mowers for larger gardens and small estates

Those lucky enough to have a larger garden will need a really beefy tractor mower as chances are some of the nooks and crannies will be rougher, undulating ground.
So here are five top garden tractors which will not only keep the rolling lawns looking their best but are also strong enough to tow trailers and other time-saving garden machinery.

Al-Ko Powerline Lawn Tractor
German engineering: Al-Ko Powerline Lawn Tractor
The first is the Al-Ko T20-102 HDE Powerline Lawn Tractor, packed full with top spec features and from a top German engineering company.
Larger garden tractors need powerful engines and this one has a twin cylinder 565 cc Briggs & Stratton, smooth, powerful and using little fuel.
The hydrostatic transmission means there speed is adjusted by the foot pedal – no changing gear, and large drive wheels give plenty of grip meaning it can tackle inclines as well.
It has a massive 300 litre grass box which is fitted with an audible alarm so you’ll know when it needs emptying. You can also mulch the clippings of you prefer.
Strongly built around a tubular steel frame it has a full dash board and for working when it gets gloomy there are two headlights.
The cutting width is a really wide 102 cm and cutting heights are from 30 to 90 mm.
It costs £2999 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £3379, is delivered free within three to five working days and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Honda Lawn Tractor
Top maker: Honda Lawn Tractor
The Honda HF-2417HME Lawn Tractor is a comfortable to drive machine with a 102 cm cutting width made to tackle really large lawns and rougher areas like orchards and paddocks.
The engine is Honda’s own 17 hp twin cylinder one reliable and fast starting.
The massive 300 litre grass box is fitted with an alarm so you know when it’s full and the mower deck is fitted on a floating suspension so it won’t scalp the lawn when cutting over undulations.
There are seven cutting heights from 30 to 90 mm.
The hydrostatic control gives very precise speed adjustments and it has a turning circle of just 65 cm.
The driver’s seat is extra comfortable and is fitted with lumbar support to ease the strain when sitting at the wheel for longer periods.
This one costs £3599 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £3920.
It is delivered free within five to seven working days and there is a five year maker’s warranty.
Now a machine from a manufacturer which has been a British favourite for 35 years.
The Westwood T1800H Garden Tractor
Westwood Garden Tractor
British made: Westwood Garden Tractor
has a Kawasaki 603 cc engine and the machine has been designed with a double skinned bonnet to keep noise to a minimum.
A really wide 112 cm cutting width is courtesy of a three bladed system which can also mulch cuttings as well as collect.
An alternative 92 cm high deck gives you the capability of cutting back rougher areas like brambles and nettles, a really useful addition if you have rougher areas too large to tackle with a brush cutter.
There is a 300 litre grass box and a powered grass collector which sweeps clippings into a 300 litre grass box.
There is a rear roller to give the traditional striped finish and ten cutting height options from 12 mm to 101 mm.
Hydrostatic drive gives precise speed control and a power take off means there is a wide range of equipment which can be used.
A front steel bumper gives extra protection and a parking brake is also fitted.
It costs £3995, is delivered free within three to five working days and has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.
Cub Cadet Lawn GArden Tractor
Zero turn: Cub Cadet Lawn GArden Tractor
The Cub Cadet All-Rounder 1050 Lawn & Garden Tractor has been designed to have excellent manoeuvrability, literally being able to turn on the spot.
This means that you can mow right up to trees in the middle of the lawn or orchards without having to go back and forth and great time-saving feature.
It has a Kawasaki twin cylinder engine and a three blade cutting deck with cutting heights from 30 to 90 mm.
It has a really wide cutting width with three rear rollers for a striped finish. And when you’ve finished there is a neat system for wishing out the cutting deck.
As an added incentive you receive £100 worth of WOLF-Garten hand garden tools when buying this machine.
This lawn and garden tractor is delivered free within three to five working days and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
It costs £4399.
And finally a machine designed to tackle the most severe tasks from one of the country’s favourite brands.
Mountfield Lawn Tractor
Four-wheel drive: Mountfield Lawn Tractor
The Mountfield 2448H-4WD Lawn & Garden Tractor Four-Wheel Drive is a high performance high-spec machine made to tackle steeper undulations and be more kind to your lawn when undertaking tight turns.
There is a 724 cc Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine with bags of power and the steering is remarkably light to use and with a tight turning circle.
The 122 cm cutting deck has twin blades that cut outside the wheel width so there’ll be less strimming around the edges.
Cutting heights are between 25 and 100 mm and the clippings go to a huge 360 litre grass box which has an audible alarm to warn you when it’s full. There is also a mulching kit if you prefer to deal with the cut grass that way.
This lawn and garden tractor has a range of extras which can be bought for special prices.
It costs £4999, compared with the maker’s recommended price of £5599.
Delivery is free within three to five working days and there is a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

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