Three great chain saws all at special prices

Every day, we are advised, you should do something that really scares you.
So pop outside and have a look at the wood pile and see how it has diminished over the past few weeks.
So now is the time get replenish it and here are three top chain saws for cutting up that old pile of logs.

Einhell Petrol chain saw
Free starter kit: Einhell Petrol chain saw
The first is one from a top German engineering company and exclusive to us at Mowdirect.
The Einhell BG-PC 1235 Petrol Chain Saw comes with a with free starter kit worth £100 and is ideal for cutting firewood, lopping branches or felling small trees.
It has a full crank 37.2 cc engine and gives a high chain speed for smoother cuts.
It is made for cutting wood of around 25 cm diameter and the cutting bar has a sprocket nose to ease the chain around and give a longer life.
There is automatic lubrication of the chain and bar and the machine which is well balanced weighs in at 5.9 kg.
Safety features include a front hand guard which combines as a chain brake in the event of a kick back.
With this saw comes a host of free extras including safety helmet with visor and ear protectors, heavy duty gloves, fuel mixing bottle, spare chain and chain sharpening file.
It costs £139.95 (the maker’s recommended price is £259.95). Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Oleo-Mac chainsaw
Italian style: Oleo-Mac chainsaw
The second machine comes from a leading Italian manufacturer and is the Oleo-Mac GS-350 Pro Petrol Chainsaw.
This too comes with a free starter pack and is ideal for the owner of a larger property.
And if you’re new to using a chain saw it even has instructions printed on the body of the machine.
It has a 38.9 cc engine and has a 35 cm cutting bar with the choke and on/off switch all on one lever.
Transparent tanks make it easy to keep an eye on chain lubricating oil and fuel levels. And there is a front hand guard which doubles as a front hand guard.
This one costs £179.95, the maker’s recommended price is £289.95. Delivery is free the next working day.
The free starter pack with this chainsaw contains a helmet with visor and ear muffs, chainsaw gloves, engine and chain saw oil and a free mixing bottle.
There are also special prices on a range of extras when you buy this machine.
Greenworks cordless chain saw
Light weigt: Greenworks cordless chain saw

The Greenworks 40v 30cm Cordless Chainsaw has a lithium-ion battery making it much easier to use than other electrically powered models and yet with terrific cutting power.
It has a 30 cm cutting bar and automatic chain oiler. The battery comes with the machine as does the charger which displays the charge level.
Other Greenworks garden machinery can be bought at special prices once you buy this machine.
It has a three year maker’s warranty and costs £199.95, a full £100 less than the recommended retail price.
See our site for other great bargains on chain saws.

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