Batten down the hatches, snow makes an unwelcome return

Just as it looked as if we had suffered our single dose of winter the weather gods glare down on us and produce another load of snow and ice.
So here are our suggestions to get you through the second dose of winter as painlessly as possible.

MTD M61 Snow Blower
For the office and home MTD M61 Snow Blower
Snow blowers have proved increasingly popular. They come in all shapes and sizes and this one, the MTD M61 Snow Blower / Snow Thrower, a two stage self-propelled model, is ideal for larger domestic properties and business areas.
It is made to clear larger drives and paths at home and forecourts and parking areas at business premises.
There are five forward and two reverse gears and large Snow Hog tyres give excellent grip.
The 179 cc engine is designed for cold weather and is easy to fire up in the ice.
Powerful augers drag the snow and ice into the body of the machine and then an impellor takes over and blasts the snow away through an adjustable chute.
The clearing width is 61 cm and it has an intake height of 53 cm meaning it can deal with quite heavy falls of snow.
You can currently save £220 on the maker’s recommended price as it is in our sale for £599.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
MTD ME 66 Snow Blower
Electric start: MTD ME 66 Snow Blower
The MTD ME 66 Snow Blower / Thrower – 2 Stage Self-Propelled works on the same principles but is made for larger houses and business premises.
This one has a clearing width of 66 cm and has a hood intake height of 53 cm.
It has a Snow Thor 277 cc engine and four forward and two reverse gears. And it has an electric start to make it easier to get going on cold mornings.
It is very solidly built and the front augers have sheer bolts to prevent serious damage should you accidentally hit a solid object hidden by deep snow.
It moves along on snow skids which are adjustable letting you clear snow from surfaces from roadways to shingle drives.
Gears and other controls including a lever to adjust the exit chute are all together on the instrument panel for convenience.
And there is a headlight to help you carry on working when it’s murky.
This one has £400 off the manufacturer’s retail price as it is only £899.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year maker’s warranty.
Pro Snow and Ice Treatment Package
Great value: Pro Snow and Ice Treatment Package
And if you want to clear snow and ice in the traditional way then we have put together a Pro Winter Snow & Ice Treatment Package.
This consists of a salt and ice melt spreader, 10 tubs of LNT Magic Ice Melt and three large snow shovels from the Canadian company Garant.
The spreader is from Agri-Fab, designed not to seize up in cold weather and made so that the flow and width of spread can be easily adjusted.
The LNT Magic Ice Melt is non toxic and won’t harm animals or plants and yet is amazingly efficient and offers six to ten times the coverage of conventional rock salt.
And the Garant snow shovel has a head 45 cm wide and doubles as a snow pusher when you can simply shove the stuff to one side.
When buying this package look out for the extras available at special prices.
This package would normally cost £693.50 but can be bought for £599.
Free delivery normally takes two to three working days but for an extra £50 can de delivered the next working day.

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