Plan ahead for Gardening Week

Plan ahead for Gardening Week
    There are so many pleasures to be had from getting to work outdoors with garden tools – and a charity initiative will be held in April to celebrate this.

Hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), 2013 National Gardening Week is set to run from April 15th to the 21st.

Two of the key themes that the event will be focusing on this year include promoting the benefits of horticultural work to young people, as well as the importance of wildflowers.

Indeed, a recent survey published by vocational education provider City & Guilds found that professional gardeners and florists are among the happiest workers in the UK.

Some 80 per cent of individuals employed in such a role feel that they are very appreciated for the work that they carry out – and a further 89 per cent said that their tasks are worthwhile.

The RHS intends to impart these positive aspects about garden work to young people during National Gardening Week.

RHS Garden Wisley will be hosting a special event on April 20th that will offer advice and inspiration for anyone considering a career change to this profession.

Director-general of the national gardening charity Sue Biggs said that there is a great appetite for gardening in the UK.

She attributed this to the spectacle of the Olympic Park meadows that were specially created for the major sporting event.

Furthermore, there are environmental benefits to this trend, as pollinating insects will certainly be welcoming more space to do their own work.

"We've also made promoting horticultural careers a key theme for us during National Gardening Week 2013, especially as there is a shortage of young people coming into the horticultural world, which is of major concern to the industry and sad for so many young people missing out on incredible career opportunities," Ms Biggs remarked.

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