Snow clearing made easy with snow blowers, spreaders and ice melt

The expected snow arrived over the weekend and is predicted to last for a few days early this week with all the chaos that often brings.
But don’t worry, you can keep snow and ice free with the latest clearance equipment.
So here are a snow blower, salt spreader and ice melt from our site to keep you on the move and ahead of the pack.

MTD snowblower
Blown away: MTD snowblower

First is a simple little snow blower the MTD M56 Snow Blower / Snow Thrower – 2 Stage Self-Propelled perfect for domestic use and for small business premises.
The two stages of the machine refer to the fact that the snow is first taken into the front hood by a revolving auger and then further mashed up by an impellor which throws it away through an adjustable chute.
It is a self-propelled, easy-to- start machine with large wheels for extra grip and a 179 cc engine.
It has a working width of 56 cm and the intake height of the front hood is 41 cm meaning it can deal with quite deep falls of snow.
The exit chute can be rotated through 180 degrees so you can throw the wretched stuff exactly where you want to.
Even better news is the fact that this machine is currently in our clearance sale with £170 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
It now costs just £499, is delivered free the next working day and has a one year maker’s guarantee.

MD spreader
Handy tool: MD spreader

To keep paths and drives ice free you need a simple machine to spread ice mely evenly and the MD THS80 Walk-Behind Spreader is a great value for money device which can also be used for spreading fertilizer when temperatures warm up.
This one has a 36 kg hopper made of corrosion resistant polypropylene.The flow rate can be adjusted by a simple lever so you can spread the correct amount of ice melt to suit the conditions.
The hopper has a screen to help for even distribution and to help prevent clogging.
At normal walking speed it has a spreading width of up to three metres and the wheels have deep tread pneumatic tyres.
Remember when you finish using the machine to clean it out to prevent damage and contaminating other products you may use.
This machine is a bargain at just £89.95 and has a one year maker’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
And to melt the snow and ice there is no better product than LNT Magic Ice Melt Original, used widely to keep runways clear at airports.

LNT magic ice melt
Eco friendly: LNT magic ice melt

This is simple to use and very effective – a 10 kg bag will clear areas up to 2000 sq metres much more than traditional rock salt.
It is non toxic to humans and plants and will not harm plants either.
A 10 kg bag costs £25 with free delivery.
You can buy 18.75 kg tubs of the same product for £39.95 and a complete Winter Snow & Ice Treatment Package of a walk-behind spreader 10 10kg bags of ice melt for £299 and receive a free Garant large snow shovel completely free.
Have a look at our site for dozen more ways of clearing snow and ice through the cold spell.

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