Ten magnificent gifts for the keen gardener

Here are ten great gift suggestions for the more generous of you with keen gardeners as friends or relations.
Any one receiving one of these would be bound to be greeted with a broad grin as big as Rudolph’s on Christmas Day so have a look at these suggestions to see the amazing list of possibilities on our site.

MD multi tool
Four tools in one: MD multi tool
The first is actually four presents in one, the MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool.
At its heart is a 25.4 cc engine designed to be easy to start with a straight shaft to which attachments are easily fitted.
The line trimmer is made for cutting back lawn edges and around paths and has a head which automatically feeds out line.
For tougher jobs there is a three toothed metal blade for hacking through undergrowth like brambles.
The long reach hedge trimmer is doubled bladed and rotates 180 degrees to make a better job of trimming hedge tops and sides.
And the tree pruner lets you cut back small branches without reaching for a ladder.
The machine has a D-shaped handle and a shoulder harness to make it less tiring to use.
It costs £179.95 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £299.95 and there are a number of special prices available on safety equipment and oil.
It is delivered free the next working day and there is a two year maker’s guarantee.
Greenworks pressure washer
Banish the mud: Greenworks pressure washer
With the roads really mucky at the moment cars and bikes are often caked in mud and this next item would certainly be the answer.
The Greenworks 140 Bar Electric has plenty of pressure to and a flow rate of 380 litres an hour.
The power comes from a 1800 Watt induction motor and there are five separate nozzles including a turbo nozzle for the caked on mud.
There is also a spray gun lance and eight metres of hose so you can easily reach around caravans and patios as well.
All the fittings have been designed to simply click into place and the washer can be easily moved around thanks to the integrated handle and transport wheels.
It costs £249.95 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £399.95.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Einhell garden tiller
Dig this: Einhell garden tiller
Now if you have a friend or relation with a large vegetable plot to maintain the Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Tiller / Cultivator would be much appreciated.
Designed in Germany it is really reliable and has six steel cultivator blades 26 cm in diameter and has a free set of crop protection discs, handy for when working between rows.
It has a quiet 163 cc engine which is easy to start and has a front transport wheel that makes it easy to move around the garden – the wheel simply tilts up when you want to start work.
At the back there is a adjustable brake skid which lets you chose the depth at which you want to cultivate. The handles are also height adjustable.
But now and you can save £200 on the maker’s price as it is only £299.95.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Oleo-Mac petrol chainsaw
Real power: Oleo-Mac petrol chainsaw
Everyone needs a good chain saw from time and this one is a cracker.
The Oleo-Mac GS44 Pro Petrol Chainsaw has a free starter pack of equipment which is important when using machines like this and is exclusive to Mowdirect.
Chain tensioning is adjusted by two screws on the body of the machine.
Solidly built in Italy for a long working life it has a 16 cm guide bar and a powerful 42.9 cc engine and is ideal for bigger jobs like felling medium sized trees, lopping branches and sawing up fire wood.
Vibrations are kept to a minimum with dampers and rubber stops between the handle and chainsaw body.
With this machine totally free are 2-stroke oil, chain oil, fuel mixing bottle and safety helmet with visor and ear defenders, and there is even a pair of special chainsaw gloves.
This chainsaw costs £329.95 compared with the recommended price of £479.95. Delivery is free the next working day.
Einhell variable speed mower
Versatile: Einhell variable speed mower
Anyone would be really delighted with this next generous gift, the Einhell RG-PM 51VS 4-in-1 Hi-wheel Petrol Lawnmower with Variable Speed.
A top lawn mower from a leading German engineering company the variable speed feature makes it much easier to navigate around borders and paths and then speed up on the straight runs.
It also makes cutting grass on uneven and sloping parts easier and safer.
The high wheel design also makes it easier to manoeuvre on nthese rougher areas.
This has four options for dealing with the clippings, discharging them to the side or rear, collecting in a grass box or mulching them and returning to the lawn as a fertilizer.
One lever adjusts the cutting height and a leading Briggs & Stratton engine provides the power. The maker’s say it will take no more than two pulls to start.
It costs £359.95, a full £200 less than the maker’s recommended retail price. Plus you get a free 10 litre jerry can worth £24.95.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year maker’s warranty.
MD log splitter
Top machine: MD log splitter
If you have a big pile of old tree trunks and branches then the MD 5.5-Ton Electric Vertical Log Splitter will save hours of toil with an axe.
Log splitters work by forcing the wood to be split against a stout ,m tal axe
This one has a 2800 Watt electric motor.
This can handle all types of wood with three different positions for the base plate so it can take logs up to 105 cm long and 32 cm in diameter.
Clamps hold the wood in position while being split.
Both hands are needed to operate the machine, keeping them out of the way of the splitting mechanism. There are also shields to protect the hands should any of the wood splinter.
This machine is easy to move around with a handle and transport wheels.
It costs £389.95 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £599.95. Delivery is free within two to three working days and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
Garland chipper shredder
Handy machine: Garland chipper shredder
Everyone needs a chipper shredder from time to time and this is a real value for money machine.
The Garland BG50 Petrol Chipper Shredder is exclusive to us and will not only deal with smaller bits of garden debris like twigs and prunings but can take branches up to 2 in in diameter.
The power comes from a 159 cc engine and there is a handy hopper which can take armfuls of debris so it is quicker to load.
It is designed to take all sorts of material at the same time with strong shredder blades and a fan to keep the blades from clogging.
Surprisingly this machine weighs only 40 kg and is easy to move around as it has transport wheels
You can save £200 on the manufacturer’s recommended price as it costs £399.95 with free next working day delivery and a one year maker’s warranty.
Billy Goat leaf vac
Great machine: Billy Goat leaf vac
Lawn vacs have an all the year round use and the Billy Goat KV600 Estate Series Lawn Vacuum with On-Board Hose is one of the best.
This is a really strong machine suitable not only for leaves but for cleaning paths, patios and barns.
It has a 5 bladed impellor with serrated blades to break down the rubbish and can deal with all manner of rubbish including paper, cans and even glass bottle.
There is a 6 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, a 27 in wide working width and a 282 litre collection bag.
This model also has a fitted hose kit for sorting out the odd grubby hidden corners.
The vac costs £1048, £262 less than the maker’s recommended price.
Free next working day delivery plus 12 months domestic warranty, six months for commercial use and six months warranty on the collection bag, 3 months for commercial use.
As a special offer there is a steel jerry can worth almost £25 absolutely free.
Anyone with a larger garden must hanker for a lawn tractor and here is one of the best.
MTD lawn and garden tractor
Leading machine: MTD lawn and garden tractor
The MTD LT5 96SD Lawn & Garden Tractor is a rugged machine where you can shift gear without having to stop and vary the speed in the five forward and one reverse gears.
This is a truly versatile machine which can be used all the year round with a range of attachments, like a lawn roller, leaf sweeper and trailer.
There is a powerful MTD engine and solid steel body and it is designed to give a really sharp turning circle.
There are special prices on various attachments, even a snow plough, when you buy this machine.
It costs £1199 and that’s £600 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Delivery is free within three to five working days and there is a two year maker’s warranty.
Allett Buckingham mower
Simply the best: Allett Buckingham mower
And finally an absolutely classic British manufactured lawnmower a leader in its class worldwide.
The Allett Buckingham 30H Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower is the mower seen on the best lawns in the country providing an unrivalled cut and that perfect striped finish.
A 196 cc engine provides plenty of power and there are six blades to provide that perfect finish right down to 5mm.
Two rollers contribute to this amazingly even finish and it even has an adjustable rake to lift out dead grasses and keep the lawn healthy.
The cutting width is 76 cm making suitable for large British country house lawns.
The trailing seat is a an optional extra and follows the course of the mower exactly.
It costs £2915, is delivered free the next working day and has a one year maker’s warranty.

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