Autumn is a great time to care for perennials and shrubs

Autumn is a great time to care for perennials and shrubs
    There are so many gardening activities to be getting on with at this time of year – despite the fact that it can be tempting to overlook them and simply curl up by the fireplace indoors.

Perennial plants require a particular amount of attention – even though they are not typically the most demanding plants you can find.

Trimming them when flowering has finished in autumn not only helps give them a neater appearance, but will also improve flowering in the long term.

The Royal Horticultural Society advises that any cutting back at this time of year is selective so as to retain the dried and bleached flowerheads of the plants.

A set of cordless secateurs could be the ideal tool for the job, as stems need to be cut very close to the crown or the dormant base of the plant.

Here at MowDIRECT, we offer the Bosch Ciso Cordless Secateur for just £59.95 – and this particular product is designed to make the pruning of shrubs and bushes absolutely effortless.

This is because the unit is powered by a 3.6-volt lithium-ion battery that can deliver an average of 500 cuts per pruning session at one second intervals.

Those who have larger plants to take care of may wish to consider investing in a set of tree pruners, as this makes maintaining very tall plants possible from the relative comfort and security of the ground.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, celebrity gardener Toby Buckland said that it is not too late to plant perennials.

"The air may be cold now but the soil is still warm and that's what makes autumn and early winter such a good time to plant," the expert remarked.

"Once in the ground, roots quietly grow away, despite the twiggy dormancy above, ready to fuel the blossom and ebullient rush of spring," he continued.

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