Saw bench is the answer if you are nervous of using a chain saw

Many people still feel a little nervous about using a chain saw and are frustrated when they have a large pile of old branches they want to cut into firewood.
And so this Log Cutting Saw from German company Einhell could be just what you’re looking for, especially as it is currently on special offer.

Einhell saw bench
Safe to use: Einhell saw bench

The saw is attached to a sturdy bench which supports the wood being cut and is especially made to keep the blade concealed until it comes into contact with the wood making it very safe to use.
It is a very simple machine to operate and yet will quickly cut up old branches and small trunks quicker than a chainsaw.
As the saw is mounted on the bench in is also much less tiring to use.
The saw is electrically powered with a 2200 Watt electric motor and a saw blade with 40 cutting teeth.
It can cope with logs up to 125 mm thick and there is a stop to make sure the logs are cut to the correct length, very handy if you have a wood stove or grate.
This machine is currently on special offer with £150 off the manufacturer’s recommended price and you can buy it for just £249.95 with free delivery the next working day.
Plus there is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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