Compost ‘is the heart of a great garden’

Compost is not to be underestimated by gardeners, as it is an essential tool to them that should form the heart of their green space.

Celebrity gardener and former presenter of the Gardener's World television show Sarah Raven explained that it offers a huge range of benefits.

In an article for the Guardian, she explained that compost makes a great way to create raised beds – as this can help to stop slugs, as well as making it easier for the plants to drain.

The expert added that it can sometimes be difficult to come up with an alternative, explaining that it can take some time to transform any waste into a rich and friable stuff that can be used as mulch and soil conditioner around the garden.

However, this need not be the case for everyone!

Here at MowDIRECT, we offer a wide range of chippers and shredders – many of which are ideal for turning garden waste into valuable mulch.

Needless to say, it also makes cleaning the garden a much simpler and much more efficient task.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, chartered landscape architect and garden writer Bunny Guinness underlined the importance of ensuring that mulch is carefully placed around any plant that needs protection in the harsh winter conditions.

Ms Raven said that leafmould is the best choice of waste to recycle when it comes to top-dressing a lawn.

This is because it is relatively low in nutrients so will not encourage over-growth – and it is very easy to rake in if it is mixed with sand.

"For seed sowing, the low nutrient value of leafmould is ideal, as it doesn't encourage sappy, quick growth in the seedlings," she remarked.

"By spring I now aim to have plenty of home-made compost to mulch our one-and-a-half-acre garden, with leafmould also ready in about a year," the expert continued.

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