Free garden tools when you buy an MD lawn tractor

Lawn tractors and ride-ons really prove their worth at this time of year as there is so much work to do clearing away twigs and carting wood and, if you are lucky, the produce from the vegetable garden.
So don’t think ride-ons and lawn tractors are just for cutting grass in the summer, they’re not.
We have our own range of MD tractors and now is an excellent time to but as there is £100 worth of WOLF-Garten hand tools free to anyone who orders one at the moment.
It works quite simply as when you order an MD tractor we send you a WOLF-Garten brochure and a £100 voucher.

MD Sprint lawn and garden tractor
Free garden tools: MD Sprint lawn and garden tractor
You simply then chose hand tools to the value of £100 and send the voucher back to us with you selection.
WOLF-Garten is a long-established German garden machinery company which makes some of the best equipment available.
The MD range of four garden tractors has a machine which will suit everyone. For instance the MD Sprint Lawn & Garden Tractor
is a cracking little machine perfect is you have property up to two acres. It is really easy to drive as it has infinitely variable speed in each of the seven gears giving really great manoeuvrability.
And it also has a very tight turning circle.
It is designed for dealing with wet grass as it has a high vacuum cutting deck and a fan to assist grass collection – don’t forget you need to keep the grass trimmed for a little while yet.
Twin headlights will help for when the clocks go back and you want to work through the murk.
As yet another incentive there are special offers on other equipment you will find useful like a steel tipping trailer, towed leaf sweeper, roller and broadcast spreader.
The MD Sprint costs £1449 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £1899, delivery is free within three to five working days and there is a two year maker’s warranty.
MD Estate lawn and garden tractor
For larger gardens: MD Estate lawn and garden tractor
If you have a bigger property then the MD Estate Lawn & Garden Tractor is what you need.
It too can tackle wet grass with special high lift blades and an ejector chute to deliver cut grass to the grass box to minimise clogging.
It has seven forward and seven reverse gears and an Intek Briggs & Stratton engine.
It also has special offers on a range of attachments which will prove very useful at this time of year.
There is an optional rear deflector plate for use when mowing long grass and an optional mulch kit as well as the other extras for the MD Sprint.
It is for sale at £1999 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £2599 and delivery is free within three to five working days.
And don’t forget there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

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